by Joanne Brady, Chief Bod

I have this friend. In the Hull floods of 2007, her house got flooded. The water went down, the insurance paid up, and she got her husband – a builder – to patch it up PDQ until they could find the time to do the repairs fully. It took four years for him to get around to doing it. She did consider hiring another builder to do the job, but she couldn’t get hold of a better one than the one that came home every night but was too tired to be bothered, and booked up for weeks ahead.

My best friend growing up had a father who was a self-employed painter and decorator. Their house looked the mutt’s nuts in terms of decorating quality and workmanship. However, the wallpaper was knocking on for fifteen years old. It looked awesome, but in style terms, was like a 1980s throwback. It might come back into fashion again soon.

We have a similar problem with our social media accounts.

I’m not saying that it’s a good thing that out of all the social media accounts that Social Bods deal with on a daily basis it’s the ones that belong to us that are the most neglected. But I won’t say it’s a bad thing either. What it does say is that we’re busy.

When we spend all day looking after social media for our growing client base, it leaves us less and less time to focus on our own. We do try. If we find something we like on our daily travels around the webiverse, then we will try and remember to share it on the appropriate social media channel. Especially if it’s about cats.




If we get a few minutes at the end of the week, we might schedule some content for the week ahead. But more often than not, we’ll think of something extra we can do for a client instead and do that.

As Chief Bod, I’m happy with the quality of content that goes out. We have a teamwork approach to our own social media channels and I’m proud to say that we all contribute, and I can’t knock the all-important presentation. It’s just that it’s not that prolific.

I sometimes look at the social media efforts of rival social media management companies and am a little envious. But then I remember why ours isn’t as active as it should be, and it makes me wonder what other companies are doing if they have time to update their own Twitter feed umpteen times a day. Maybe I’m doing them a disservice. Maybe I’m spot on.

Possibly I could outsource our own social media management, but that would be defeating the object surely? It reminds me of the time I spent in printing where other print companies would get the company I was working for to print their own promotional brochures. It wasn’t a time issue for them as much as it was about quality.




So I think the minions and I are going to have to start finding the time. We can always find it when clients need extra work, or when a new client comes on board. And we don’t seem to have a problem finding new clients, even if our own social media accounts are rubbish.

What do you think – does an inactive social media feed make you suspicious when it comes to social media companies?

Want to follow us on social media anyway? We can’t promise frequency, but we can promise cats.

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