We are hiring!

Business Development and Marketing Executive

Salary: Negotiable

Hours: Part-time to suit

Role: Helping Social Bods to grow and working on current and new client accounts.

The Job

We are looking for someone to join our team for three months on a part-time basis as a trial with a view to the role becoming permanent and possibly full-time, though we’re quite open-minded about it at this stage. We need someone with a marketing background – we expect this person to have a marketing qualification or related degree, and/or a reasonable amount of industry experience.

The job will be a 50-50 split: Half of the hours will be spent on developing Social Bods. We need someone to take our own marketing to the next level and spend time on sales to bring new clients on board. We would like to get a minimum of a new client on board each month and retain current clients so that we continue on our growth trajectory. We envisage this will be through a mix of beefing up our own social media, writing blog posts for our blog, writing proposals and carrying out social media audits, networking, traditional sales methods, and finding new ways of engaging potential clients. We do some of this already but we find that our time can be limited and any spare time we find, we try and add value to client work. Our own marketing is seriously neglected and we’d like to rectify this going forward.

The other half of the hours will be spent on adding value to client work by coming up with creative content and social media and content campaigns. This will involve writing posts for client blogs or LinkedIn profiles, creating graphics to support the content, and coming up with more creative social media content, such as polls on Facebook, or editing video, or similar to raise the engagement levels for our clients on social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You should also be able to produce reports from analytics to improve and refine content quality. Our clients are a mix of UK businesses – varying sizes and industries, including estate agency, leisure and fitness, recruitment, weddings, promotional gifts, football, and more. These can change on a weekly basis and it’s vital that any team members are adaptable and willing to learn about new industries at the drop of the metaphorical hat.

The person

The ideal candidate has some experience and expertise to bring to the team. While we are all good at what we do, none of us officially hold a qualification in any marketing discipline. We welcome candidates who could bring marketing skills to the team and plug the odd hole.

Other than that, we don’t have any preconceptions about who this person could be – you could be a recent university graduate, or a parent looking for something part-time, or an old hand looking to apply their lifetime of skills to something locally.

It is vital that you are flexible in terms of the projects you work on as the variety of clients we attract is wide.

It could be that you need to travel to meet new clients so access to your own car would be useful. Travel can be paid on a mileage basis. But this is not essential – we don’t travel to meet clients regularly.

The skills needed.

If you can meet as many of these as possible, that would be fab!

  • Graphic design, such as through using Canva or similar
  • Experience of Hootsuite or similar social media management software
  • Blog post writing, with knowledge of the principles of SEO
  • Social media analytics and report writing
  • Impeccable spelling and grammar
  • Knowledge and skills in using WordPress for web publishing
  • Knowledge of the key principles in market research, branding, and sales
  • A good working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Social media and digital marketing audits and proposal writing
  • Email marketing and newsletters – such as through Mailchimp

Salary and Hours

Salary is negotiable. While we don’t have an unlimited budget, we know that this won’t be a minimum wage position either. Come to us and tell us what you can bring to this role and how much you want. If you’re too expensive for us to consider, we can only say no! Unless we can tempt you with biscuits and witty banter as payment?

Hours – about 12 to 16 per week. We work between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday, and you can pretty much choose your hours during these periods. Want to work fewer hours a particular week because of stuff you have going on? Then that’s fine with us.

Holidays are six weeks per year including the bank holidays. You can work the bank holidays if you want as we are usually open, or you can move your hours that week if you prefer. Holidays are worked out on average weekly pay so if you want to change your hours about to suit you, then there’s no issue. Unpaid holiday time is also available if you’d rather not work during the school holidays for example. We don’t tend to work Christmas and New Year, though we do operate through Easter, summer, and half-term holidays.


We need someone to come to the office, partly for data security, but also so you can be part of the team, see what we’re all about, and be here for some creative networking and brainstorming. We don’t do enough of it, and this is something we’d like to do more of. Much easier if you’re here, although working from home from time-to-time is fine too.

We are based in the East Riding Business Centre on Annie Reed Road industrial estate in Beverley. It’s not too glamorous, but it suits us and there’s free parking. We might move in the future as we develop, but it will be Beverley somewhere. The office is small, the team come and go, and it’s no Google HQ, but we have plans and for now, can offer a friendly, stressfree environment. Learn more about our team here.

How to apply

Please send a CV and whatever else you deem appropriate to socialbods@gmail.com. Please outline what you can bring to this role and your salary expectations for a 12-16 hour a week job.

Closing date – there isn’t one. We could get one applicant tomorrow who is 100% perfect, or we could spend six months searching. The vacancy is filled when it’s filled.

Still interested? Please do get in touch!