Here’s a little more about the Social Bods team

Joanne Brady Social Bods

Joanne Brady

Qualifications: BA (Hons) First – Economics and Geography, MA (by research) Anthropology, ECDL (advanced databases), various A-Levels and GCSEs

Superpowers: Spotting grammar errors, death stare

Joanne is a mum of four, travel blogger, ex-commercial manager, and all-round social media geek. Joanne worked in the printing industry for eight years in both East Yorkshire and London before going to The University of Hull as a mature student, working in research in the public sector, and then back to Durham University where she studied people who drive electric vehicles in 2009. 

Fun fact: Joanne has been on the telly and radio numerous times, in one instance as a contestant on Channel 4’s 15 to 1, where she won her round, but didn’t quite make it to the series final. The shame.

Hootsuite Certified – Social Marketing

Wonder Woman from Pixabay

Mandy Lewin

Mandy always wanted to be a ninja. When ninja training didn’t quite work out as she hoped she just started collecting random qualifications as a pastime. Having wondered what to do with various degrees, diplomas and post-graduate qualifications she landed at Social Bods HQ where every day is an exciting adventure into the realm of the social media universe.

Superpowers: Spotting inappropriate content not to be shared for clients but to be so very enjoyed in Bods HQ. Extreme knowledge of and familiarity with The Rock’s Instagram feed.

In the real world she has three young people who once were adorable toddlers who now make her proud every day and hopefully will keep her young. They will additionally continue to be very useful in keeping her in tune with the ever changing and developing universe that is social media.

Fun fact: Refuses to grow up.

Tea drinking cat from Pixabay

Zoe Nelson

Zoe is a recent convert to social media but is now a whizz at account management and customer services. Zoe spends a lot of time pretending to be other people to answer queries from other random people from all corners of the UK and beyond. If you contact a company via social media, you may, in fact, be talking to Zoe.

Superpowers: Is actually a shape-shifting chameleon.

Fun Fact: Zoe is a qualified and experienced nanny and childcare professional, with a love of cats, cycling, and the outdoors. Not much fazes her now. She blames Joanne in part. Drinking lots of tea helps.