OK, so it’s not quite spring yet, but the principles are the same – whenever a major celebration ends, you need to look at your social media channels and refresh them all ready for the coming weeks.

Once Christmas is over and the new year has begun, it can be startling to see how quickly your social media accounts can look dated. Here are some things you can do on each channel to give them a spruce up and get yourself ready for the upcoming year!


  • Check your cover image. Change it to something more appropriate.
  • Change your pinned tweet.
  • Change your bio to a more relevant landing page on your website/blog


  • Change your cover image
  • Change your pinned status


  • Move your seasonal boards around – put your Christmas ones lower down, and put your Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter themed boards at the top


  • Change your bio to a more appropriate landing page on your website/blog if you have one

LinkedIn page

  • Change your pinned update

What you are doing is checking for anything which looks out of place now that a seasonal event has passed and replacing it with something more appropriate.

It’s amazing how many accounts I see at Easter that still have a Christmas themed cover image, or a lovely summery beach themed header when outside it’s snowing. Out of date accounts look like no-one is looking after them and sends out the wrong message about your business.

You should check your social media accounts at least every three months, if not more, and make any necessary changes. You can bet your competitors are!

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