We’re almost leaving the chilly winter days and entering spring, which means that it’s time for a change. Just think, whilst your wardrobe needs updating with new clothing, so does your social media platforms with fresh content! It can be startling to look back and see how quickly your social media accounts look dated. But don’t worry, there are several ways to give your social media a new make-over.

Here are some tips you can do on each channel to give them a spruce up:


  • Check your banner. When was the last time you changed it? Could it be modernised? Try changing it to something bolder and more appealing.
  • Change your pinned tweet. There is nothing worse than leaving a Tweet pinned for a significant amount of time. Give your audience something different to read when they revisit your page. After all, we all get fed up of seeing the same thing over and over again.
  • Change your bio. Had the same hashtags in your bio for a while? Now’s the time to update them. Research which hashtags are trending in your market and use them. It will help create more awareness of your brand and encourage new users to follow your page. Also, optimize the landing page of your website. This will give your visitors something new to browse through and boost the chances of them communicating.
  • Follow new hashtag feeds. By doing this, you can easily reach your audience and engage effectively by favouriting or retweeting their own content. Let them know your existence.
  • Add new accounts to your Twitter lists to keep you updated on the latest news in your sector, as well as learn how your competitors are performing (put them on a private list if you don’t want them to know you’re keeping an eye on them). After all, every day we all learn something new!  


  • Adapt your Instagram Highlights theme. Having the same theme can become dull for your users, especially if they regularly revisit your page. Giving your page a whole new make-over not only regains the attention of your audience, but it most importantly draws their interest.
  • Make a resolution to go live more often! As we all know, Instagram Live is a great feature to use if you want instant engagement, but going live more often is an opportunity to learn which individuals connect with you. You will be able to visit their profile and learn about their interests and behaviour. Once approached, you can use that intel you have to further exceed their wants and needs, also build a relationship with them. Genius, right?!
  • Like Twitter, change the hashtags in your bio so that your page will appear in new feeds.


  • Review and refresh your ‘About’ section. It’s always a good move to throw in some new key words and phrases to pique your audience’s interest.
  • Create a new banner. Just like any other social media platform with a cover, it is always a good idea to change it to suit the season.  
  • Pin a new status – the same as Twitter – to give your audience a fresh welcome.


  • Rearrange and refresh your seasonal boards. Got new ideas? Go ahead and show them off, but first you need to move your old content below as that’s the past now, and then place your most current newest content and seasonal content at the top.

It’s astonishing how fast accounts can look out-dated. Social media is a great method of reaching new people and engaging your existing followers and customers. Don’t let poor social media weaken your brand.

You should check your social media accounts at least every three months, if not more, and make any necessary changes. You can bet your competitors are!

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