When I first came to Social Bods I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’d done work experience at other places previously but each place comes with a new experience. For me, work experience is mostly about experiencing how a work place for a career I may wish to follow functions, and how the skills I’ve learnt at university can be transferred into the world of work. Over the fifteen days that I’ve been here at Social Bods, I’d like to think that I have achieved both of those things and more.

The first few days here were very much learning the flow of the work place. Learning how the systems here worked and how the people here worked too. The staff here have been very friendly and supportive, they have helped to guide me through this experience. I’ve been able to see how the skills I’ve earnt through my time so far at university can be transferred into other areas of work. I also feel like I have learnt some new skills throughout the duration of my time here. I hope that what I have learnt here will go on to help me in the future with what career path that I may go with.

It has been interesting to see how the kind of content that is not only looked at as a part of my university course but the kind of stuff that is interacted with daily is actually created. I feel like this opportunity has allowed me to put the skills that have been taught in the classroom into practice in person. My time here has also allowed me to see another alternative side to what I am used to seeing both as part of my university experience and my own personal experiences.

Throughout my time here I was allowed to help with various clients. This included such things like doing bits of research on certain topics that I may not be too familiar with, such as football and the World Cup, in order to create such things like graphics for clients. Other topics of research included looking up information on different breeds of dogs so that content could be created and put onto the various social media sites. During my time here, I also gained useful knowledge and skills regarding sites such as Canva and Hootsuite. Although I have only had brief experiences with these sites I still feel the knowledge and skills gained from exposure to them will benefit me in the long run.

The overall experience has actually been rather enjoyable for me. The team here at Social Bods have been very pleasant, which I think helps add to the enjoyable experience that I’ve had. I have been able to witness how much time and effort is put into the content that the team here at Social Bods create. Even though my time here has been short, I feel the experiences that I have had here has been valuable for my growth not only as a student but as a person too. Not only will my university work benefit from my time here but also any future career paths I take will benefit from what I have learnt during my time here.

I greatly appreciate Social Bods allowing me to do my university work experience with and how they have helped and guided me through my work experience with them.

Ashleigh Farmer is a student at York St John University who has been doing her work experience at Social Bods. Ashleigh thinks that bees are beautiful.