Again this week, we’ve read a LOT of articles. All interesting in their own way. All potential pieces of content to share across our clients’ social media accounts. However, not all content we curate makes it onto our short list of sharable content. It’s interesting yes, maybe even entertaining, but not quite ‘on brand’ for any of our clients.

But all is not lost. Here is some of the content we’ve read, enjoyed (maybe), and put on the back burner, at least for now. If nothing else, the content has provided us with an all-round learning experience.

Who needs Labradors when horses can do the job too?

In Blackburn, Lancashire (I’m sure there’s a song in there somewhere) Digby, an American miniature horse is training to be the world’s first ‘guide pony’. It’s because his potential owner has a dog phobia. Bad luck that – visual impairment and a fear of dogs.

Learn more at

You can buy giant inflatable beach balls

I want one! Although after reading this now-viral review of one, I’m not sure. How about you? To help you make your mind up, check out

A pie has been sent into space

A pie has been sent into space, alongside a host of other unusual items. Disco ball anyone?


There are no limits to the depravity of humanity

Move aside fidget spinners, the next must-have toy is a fake pimple squeezer. And it’s gross. Seriously, you can’t unsee this – you have been warned!

If you’re feeling brave, have a look at

Air travel just got creepy

Air Asia has launched airport check-ins using facial recognition technology. Apparently, it’s 98% accurate but it does mean you still have to bring your passport too – you can’t travel on a pretty face alone.

If you’re travelling Air Asia anytime soon, then check out

What news items have caught your eye this week?

Horse image credit  Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Joanne Brady is the chief bod of Social Bods, family travel blogger, and all round good egg. Mostly. Her time is spent running around after four miniature versions of herself, and reading lots of stuff on the internet.