As we start a whole new fresh decade, we thought we would take a pause to introduce you to our team and explain a little bit more about who we are, where we came from and why we love working in Social Media Marketing in Hull and East Yorkshire.

The Social Bods team

Ten years ago our entire team was working in completely different fields; one in research, one in retail management and another in childcare. That, we think is what gives Social Bods its strength; the combined life experience that cover multiple sectors and industries that means that when we are met with a new client, understanding their needs and adapting to their business ideology comes reasonably easily.

As the internet has shifted, the manner in which information is absorbed via the multitude of social media networks available has shifted also. An understanding of people and business that we have developed between us over the years has proven invaluable in being able to help other businesses with the quagmire that social media marketing can sometimes be.

So, who are we?

More glasses than asses! Meet Zoe (top left), Mandy (bottom left), and Jo (right)


Joanne is chief Social Bod. A former commercial manager in the print industry, Jo has done a huge range of jobs in various industries in both the private and public sector, and also been a travel blogger since 2012 at family travel blog,developing the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the new realm of social media. It was just a short step from here to making the leap into helping someone else with their social media marketing to then having enough clients to take on other team members. Social Bods HQ has been in both Hull and Beverley, and currently Beverley is our base.

Just because we are based in Hull and Beverley doesn’t mean we can’t get out and about to clients further afield. From time to time we are allowed to escape so we can go to see clients which are based all over the UK, including London, the East Midlands, and West Yorkshire.

‘I love meeting new clients and working together to implement a strategy that can help them move their businesses forward. I have visited all types of business and in all types of location. That’s part of what I really like about what we do, there are no limits. I know we are based in Hull and Beverley but taking day trips further afield makes sure no day is ever the same’ – Joanne


Mandy joined the Social Bods team in 2016. Formerly having worked in retail and catering and hospitality she hit the ground running – by marketing underwear … and that is what Mandy says is so great about Social Media Marketing, is that no day is ever the same.

‘Some of the clients we have had have been local to Hull and East Yorkshire, but the mainstay of our client base is from all around the country. One day you can be designing graphics for a legal firm introducing a new team member, the next day you can literally be scheduling pictures of underwear for a sale for an online retailer. No day is ever the same, boredom really doesn’t factor into this job’ – Mandy


Zoe joined the team later in 2016. Coming from a primarily child care provision background, Zoe is now an expert at account management and customer services. Keeping a cool head when dealing with front line customers for clients is essential, especially when those customers may not always be happy.

‘What I really like about what I do is that it’s great to be part of a team who are focussed on making sure we give consistent customer service for our clients. You know it’s a job well done when the client is happy because we made their customer happy, job satisfaction is so important’ – Zoe

Social Media Marketing in Hull and East Yorkshire

And that’s us really, a trio of folks from completely different backgrounds, with completely different lives, and that is why we can do what we do so well. We have had some wonderful other members of the team too who have now moved on to other things, who have been crucial in building Social Bods into the firm it has become. Between us we have a collection of degrees, a vast array of diplomas and certificates and recently we actually also decided to get qualified in what we do , so those qualifications now also include Hootsuite certification and a diploma in social media marketing.

If you have been considering hiring a team to audit your social media, keep your social media accounts active and thriving, create and implement a marketing strategy or even run your customer services for you, then we don’t mind if you are local to us in Hull and Beverley or if we need to arrange to meet elsewhere.

 Jo, Zoe and Mandy would like to thank all clients, past and present for giving them little internet adventures every day and we very much look forward to much more of the same moving forwards into this decade.

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