Are you looking for someone to run your company’s live chat service?

As experienced social media operatives, we can turn our hand to pretty much anything that is online, particularly those jobs that require not only great presentation but an understanding of the brand and what it is trying to achieve.  Recently, we have picked up some live chat services work, and we are happy to announce that this is a service we can offer to other companies.

What are live chat services?

See that box in the corner of a website with ‘Talk to an operator’ or ‘chat now’ on it? That’s a chat service. Visitors can talk to a representative from the company (or even a chat bot) whenever the chat service is open.

Live chat services have good potential in converting website visitors into customers. Visitors can have any questions answered there and then by someone with good knowledge of the company and of how things work. It’s a good, cheaper alternative to having a dedicated phone line, or as a complement to a telephone service for those customers who are unable or unwilling to use a phone.

Live chat can be used to answer questions about our products or services, for customers to check on the progress of their order, or for customers to receive technical help.

Chat services should be backed up by a customer services email as there will be instances where more detail is required and more technical help from within the company is required. If you like, we can also look after your customer service emails too.

customer support services

How we can help

If you don’t have time to run your chat service in and around running your business, then you can give your chat services to a company like us. We work with you to develop a ‘script’ which we will use to answer any possible questions with a standard, company approved response. We strive to learn all we can about your company and your products – many questions we will get won’t have a standard response and we need to use our common sense and what we do know about you and your products to answer customer queries the best we can.

We aim to answer chats quickly and efficiently, as this is what customers expect. We aim to be friendly and helpful, with the end goal to be to help customers access your services or products in a non-pushy way. Chat services have the potential to improve customer satisfaction, and we work hard to meet your customers’ needs.

How much will this cost?

Chat services are hard to price. It will depend on what hours you need, how many chats you expect us to be dealing with, and how time-consuming each chat can be.

We can work on a ‘per chat’ basis, or on a ‘per day’ rate.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further, and for a no-obligation consultation and quotation.

What software do you need?

Cloud-based live chat software is readily available. We can use whatever software you choose to sign-up to. Subscriptions to live chat software start at a few pounds per month. There’s no need to pay more than around £20 per month for anything more than a basic package. If you’re into in-depth analytics, then you can pay more, but there are some very good packages which work with website built in a range of platforms which provide half-decent stats for around $15 – $20 per month for one operator.

We like Olark. A lot. It’s bright and has some good noises which help you to increase response time, which is very important.

We use userlike for our own website. The free plan is limited and it’s not as user-friendly as Olark, but it does the job for us here until we too are in need of a fully managed chat service ourselves!

For a no-obligation consultation about how we can help you to help your customers through live chat services and email support, please get in touch –