We have a newbie in the house! Everyone, meet Sarah Carter! Sarah joined us towards the end of February as a Social Media Marketing Manager. She will be taking care of various social media duties. Get to know her by reading more about her:

What is your biggest achievement, yet?  

Graduating is my biggest accomplishment. Applying to study at university was not on my ‘to do list’ at all. I just decided to go whilst I was in my second year at college. I was anxious about applying because I wasn’t sure whether I was doing the right thing for myself; whether I would fail and get wrapped up in debt or achieve and succeed.  Well it turns out that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I graduated with a First Class in Marketing Management from the University of Chester, but not only did I achieve that, I also achieved the Dean’s Commendation Award for Performance.

What interests you the most?

Fashion interests me the most, and that’s because I use it to represent who I am without having to speak. I don’t have a certain style that I follow, I like to mix and match, get edgy and stand out – after all, I’m a bold character!

What is your biggest fear that you want to overcome?

I’m afraid of heights and I believe that going sky diving will help me overcome it. 

What is your pet peeve?

Paying £6-£7 for next day/nominated delivery, and it’s never delivered on time! It’s sooooo irritating. What’s the point in paying extra when the standards of service aren’t going to be met?

What is the boldest move you have ever done?

I allowed my hair dresser to colour my hair bright ginger. You could spot me from a mile away. I would never do that again, I instantly regretted it. Although a lot of people liked it on me, it just wasn’t for me.

Why marketing?

I choose marketing because there is always something new to learn, the landscape is continuously developing, and it will never stop. There is always a new story about how a unique marketing strategy has succeeded, social media platforms are updating their features for marketers and businesses to better their content and statistics are forever changing. It’s overall such a competitive but thriving industry. From saying all that, what’s not to love about marketing?!

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