Hello again. This week, we don’t have a lot to share with you. I don’t know if it’s because we haven’t read as much, or because a lot of what we’ve found has actually been usable for our clients. Honestly, who knows. We do however have three stories to share. Did you catch any of these?

The chips are down

McCain ran a competition where their customers could win some juicy prizes. They didn’t do anything wrong it seems (the prizes were there to be won) but the way they promoted their competition has been criticised both by comping legend Superlucky Di, and the BBC who found that despite there being over 28,000 prizes available, only 160 had actually been won. There are lessons here for brands thinking of running competitions.


Plastic, plastic everywhere

Doing the rounds on Facebook this week has been the video of the scuba diver surrounded by swathes of waste plastic off the coast of Bali. It’s a stark reminder of our plastics habit. We’ve been talking a lot about environmental issues and the topic of plastics for a client for a while now. Sadly, this one didn’t find its way on to their content calendar.



Finally, a great story about dogs. We write a lot about dogs, and also about sports, but this one didn’t fit the bill for any clients. Shame. It’s a good one. Love a good dog story!


What have you spotted on the news this week? 

Potato Photo by Lars Blankers on Unsplash

Joanne Brady is the founder of Social Bods, and is feeling a little ‘meh’ this week frankly. Send chocolate. Thanks.