As social media managers, we spend a LOT of time on the internet. We curate content for our clients’ social media feeds, and we look for inspiration for creating original content. Not everything that we find and read makes it onto the final cut of the content calendar. In fact, we reject more content than we approve, and in the process, we read a lot of content that is brilliant, but completely unusable for any of our clients. Which is a shame, as then it goes to waste. Or does it?

In the name of content preservation, we would like to share with you some items we’ve spotted this week, and what we’ve learned along the way.

  • Have a Hotmail account? Don’t use it to buy your car insurance

A news item in the Nottingham Post reported the findings that having a Hotmail email account can increase your car insurance premium. I’m not sure how we’re going to use that information for clients, but it’s something to consider if, like us, you’ve been using your Hotmail address from the 90s to buy stuff – I know I still use mine daily. So, while we can’t use this information to add value to a client’s social media presence, it’s food for thought nonetheless


  • Peacocks are good. Trying to board a plane with one is bad.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay? I’m not sure we can add anything more to this than isn’t in the story already. However, we have learnt that if we did try to get a peacock on board a United Airlines plane, we may be unsuccessful.


  • There is a killer whale that can ‘talk’

A female Orca whale living in captivity in France can talk. Apparently. Why we need to know this I have no idea. But kudos to the journos who brought us this information.

Read the full story (and listen to Wikie) at

  • Whatsapp is good for arranging weddings. Who knew?

Reports this week that the UK Royal Family use Whatsapp to chat about weddings and babies. Well, they have got a busy year coming up, so anything that makes it easier sounds good to us. Would love to be a part of that group though – can you imagine?

Learn more at

  • Starstruck people are better Instagram material than the stars themselves

When grandmother Susan Monaghan crossed paths with Jay-Z and Beyonce in a New York hotel, her face in the subsequent Instagram pic said it all. She’s now a bit of a star herself.

Have a read of


There we are, five news items that we have spotted (and not been able to use anywhere at all) this week. We wonder what next week will have in store.


Peacock photo credit  Milada Vigerova on Unsplash