Did you see our last Twitter Hours for 2018 post? If you missed it then worry not as we are back with a new and updated Twitter Hours List for 2019.

If you are sitting and wondering what a Twitter Hour is and how they work then do not worry as it can all be explained.

What is a Twitter hour?

The concept of a Twitter Hour is all based around Twitter hashtags; to summarise a Twitter Hour they could be described as one-off or regular time slots that have a specific theme, topic or location. To engage with the Twitter Hour all you need to do is use the relevant ‘#’ or ‘@’ in your tweet and you are part of the community.

Two of the most important things to remember when using hashtags or joining hashtag communities are 1) accuracy and 2) timing; this is important as you could be wasting your time if you spell a hashtag wrong, use a hashtag that is not relevant to you, or if you use a hashtag that will not benefit or be relevant to your audience.

The main task with Twitter Hours is to make sure you are using current and relevant hashtags and that you are using them at the right time to reap the full benefits. For example, if you try to participate in a Twitter Hour that is out of date or is not currently in circulation then you will be failing to reap any benefits of the concept. The best way to check if a Twitter Hour is still relevant and in circulation it simply to search for it as you will be able to see if people are engaging with straight away.

What are good hashtags for Twitter hours?

In terms of the actual hashtag, the smallest of details can be the difference between connecting with a huge and growing community, and connecting with a selective group of fellow mis-spellers. For example, something you might not consider is the use of capital letters in hashtags, and how important they can be. A prime example of this was after the passing of Margaret Thatcher, which lead to the “#nowthatcherisdead” and in turn caused some very confused (and upset) fans to read it as “Now that Cher is dead”. And of course, who could forget Susan Boyle’s #susanalbumparty…?

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Here’s an updated list of Twitter Hours for 2019

2019’s Twitter Hours

#earlybiz 7-8 am daily
#bizhour 2-3pm daily
#ukbizlunch 12 pm Mon-Fri
#sutcolhour 7-8pm
#Cumbriahour 7-8pm
#Dorsethour 7.30-8.30 pm
#HarrogateHour 8-9 pm
#Eastmidshour 8-9 pm
#horsehour 8-9 pm
#lincshour 8-9 pm
#northeasthour 8-9 pm
#Stockporthour 8-9 pm
#Hertshour 8-9 pm
#Norfolkhour 8.30-9.30 pm
#Motorhour 9-10 pm
#CharityTuesday All day
#northeasthour 2-3pm
#Solihullhour 7-8pm
#veganhour 7-8 pm
#kenthour 8-9pm
#FDNWHour (Food Drink Hospitality) 8-9pm
#whitbyhour 7-8 pm
#handmadehour 7.30-8.30 pm
#cornwallhour 7.30-8.30 pm
#northwesthour 8-9 pm
#leedshour 8-9 pm
#newcastlehour 8-9 pm
#devonhour 8-9 pm
#woofwoofwednesday 8-9 pm
#weddinghour 9-10 pm
#scotlandhour last Weds monthly 9-10pm (themed)
#Cardiffhour 8-9pm
#londonhour 8-9 pm
#covhour 8-9 pm
#ukbusinesshour 8-9 pm
#sunderlandhour 8-9 pm
#veganrecipehour 8-9 pm
#liverpoolhour 8-9 pm
#manchesterhour 8-9 pm
#hullhour 8-9 pm
#somersethour 8-9 pm
#sussexhour 8.30-9.30 pm
#cakeclubhour 3-4 pm
#satchatuk 8-9 am
#ukgifthour 9-11 am
#ukgifthour 9-11 am
#sbs 5.00-7.30 pm
#crafthour 7-8 pm
#equinehour 8-9 pm
#brumhour 8-9 pm
#handmadehour 8-9 pm
#weddingdaychat 8-9 pm
#englandhour 9-10 pm

About the author….

Beth Grice is a journalism student at York St John University and is currently at Social Bods on a work experience placement. She is not actually a fish.