Have you heard of Unsplash?

It’s a photography showcase site with some stunning photographs which you can download and use for free, without credit, any way you want.

How does Unsplash work?

You visit Unsplash, browse through the photos and download the one you want. Simple.

Users have handily put photos into collections with names so you can speed up your searching. You can also use the search function if you’re looking for something specific.

You don’t need to credit the image that you use, but if you can, then it is appreciated. The photographers give their work for free, so anything you can do to help promote them and their work is good. This isn’t always possible if you’re using the imagery for social media, but on blog posts it certainly is.

Unsplash has been successful in getting people’s photography skills seen by a wider audience. Photos donated to Unsplash have been used on big brand websites.

There are some amazing images out there for you to use. They tend to be high-class photographs, tending on the side of hip, which makes them very on trend. We use them a lot for social media imagery for clients who are that bit trendier. They don’t suit every business.

These are the sort of images you can find on Unsplash

This flatlay is by Joanna Kosinska and is a great image to add your own text to. I can see this being used by food companies, or a cafe

Example flatlay from Unsplash

This image of a pug in a blanket is by Matthew Henry. This is the sort of photo I’d strive to find a use for somehow or other!

Pug in a blanket by Matthew Henry

This photo by Scott Webb could come in handy if you have any clients in the health and fitness industry. Where else could you get this sort of imagery easily and cost effectively?

Health and fitness photo by Scott Webb

Top tip – the photos you download from Unsplash are beautifully hi-resolution, which is amazing but can cause problems for social media management packages such as Hootsuite. Canva sometimes doesn’t like them either, however PicMonkey does. You may need to edit the photo in PicMonkey and save it as a lower resolution file so you can upload it to Hootsuite.

If you’re looking for a reliable source of beautiful images, then give Unsplash a look.