Spending our working days (and nights, let’s face it) roaming through online articles, blogs and pages finding all the latest and greatest news and insight for our clients’ social media accounts means we see a lot of content. Some of these, whether wonderful or hilarious don’t fit the branding guidelines for any of our clients.

But fret not, for our social media round-up gives us a chance to share the treasures we have plundered across the internet this week, and share with you what we have learned in the process

Geese can be involved in love triangles

The blind, bisexual, polyamorous, corn-on-the-cob loving goose who was involved in a love triangle died this week aged 40. Truly a rockstar of the goose world, we are available to provide voiceovers when his story (quite rightly) goes straight to DVD.

Learn more at https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/blind-bisexual-polyamorous-goose-involved-12000629

Pet microchips do come in handy eventually

We’re not crying, you’re crying! This lovely story really pulled on our heartstrings and made us want to go immediately pet our own beloved animals. You can gain the urge to go cuddle your pets by reading the story here https://www.today.com/pets/woman-adopts-elderly-dog-finds-pet-her-parents-gave-10-t122770

Criminals are not always the evil masterminds they are portrayed to be in the movies

Do you ever wonder if criminals are criminals because they can’t get productive employment elsewhere? This is proof. http://uk.businessinsider.com/watch-these-would-be-criminals-botch-fail-thieves-burglary-china-shanghai-2018-2

Double luge is not a joke. It is actually a thing

double luge at the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics have been a huge source of excitement here this last week. Totally addicted to curling and snowboard X, and now we have something new to marvel over – the double luge. The internet has quite rightly been asking questions


Have you found any educational content on the world wide web this week? 

Joanne Brady is the founder of Social Bods, family travel blogger, mum, and stress head. Please don’t ask her anything technical this week. She’s watching the curling and a short response may offend. Come back next week.